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Voice Services

IP Telephony Solutions

IP Telephony solutions help rationalize costs by using IP to securely carry voice traffic, centrally manage administrative functions and enable application access from multiple sites. By converging voice and data traffic using Internet Protocol, IP Telephony and Messaging maximizes network efficiency, reduces capital and operating costs, and opens new service opportunities. Our fully-certified equipment consultants leverage a wide portfolio of IP Telephony and Messaging solutions from Polycom, Aastra, and Digium that customize the seamless business communications solutions you need in today's competitive environment.

Our IP Telephony solutions are flexible enough to meet your specific needs and can be deployed in a wide range of business environments, including:

  • Single site or campus
  • Multi-site or campus
  • Remote or branch offices
  • Mobile workforce

Hosted Voice

Increase productivity, gain geographic flexibility plus real time disaster recovery options with Hosted Voice. With Hosted Voice, you get a full-featured Hosted IP PBX solution without the cost of purchasing a PBX or key system. Receive voicemail as email, forward calls to multiple phones and more. It's just a click to use our simple web-based management tool to gain on-demand system management control and instant user customization.

Hosted Voice is fully scalable solution that can grow as your business evolves. If you're fearful of purchasing equipment that might quickly become outdated. Hosted Voice allows you to add features and services as they become available.

SIP Trunking & PRI

SIP Trunking is the ideal way to use your existing IP PBX equipment to take advantage of the latest Voice over IP technologies and benefits. It's easy to simplify your network by using data lines to pass voice and data traffic while still using your existing Cisco, Avaya, NEC or Mitel equipment. All traffic from multiple locations tap into a central site with a SIP trunk - so there is no longer a need for dedicated voice connections at each business location, giving significant costs savings. Plus, calls between locations are free with Converged Minutes on a new nationwide voice product. Because SIP Trunking can automatically connect to a secondary connection, it is not only a fall over option for business continuity but also provides steadfast disaster recovery support.


Significantly reduce your annual meeting costs and associated travel expenses with conferencing. Our comprehensive suite of audio and web conferencing tools efficiently and cost-effectively bring people together, optimize your budgets and maximize productivity. Instantly collaborate on documents, applications and presentations in real time from multiple locations.

  • No required contract or monthly commitment, you only pay for what you use! Choose from Reservationless, Operator Assisted or Web conferencing options.

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