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Equipment OEM

Server Equipment

SKC understands the challenges that storage and data management pose for businesses of all sizes. Many of these challenges are driven and compounded by continued data growth, new and emerging regulations, and the seemingly spiraling costs for storing data. The introduction of virtualization technology has further contributed to storage sprawl and increased the complexity of data management. SKC can convert these challenges into opportunities for consolidation, cost containment, and greater control over data growth. We do this by leveraging our team's more than 40 years of combined storage expertise to find the right mix of value and cost for a given environment. We holistically evaluate and recommend the technology, tools, and practices. We optimize our customers' storage environment to do more with less; employ virtualization technologies where appropriate; and consolidate wherever possible to provide a comprehensive storage solution that is easier to manage, inherently scalable, and results in peace of mind when it comes to storing your most important asset: your data.

Network Equipment

Networks are the heart of IT. They form a data access layer, connecting people with servers, servers with storage, and storage with additional storage to form global storage pools. However, identifying the best networking solution can be complicated. Networks come in many forms and support multiple protocols. And as Ethernet merges with Fibre Channel and other traditional storage protocols, data centers have expanded across the globe and disaster recovery/business continuity capability has increased substantially, adding a new level of complexity into the decision-making process.

Storage Equipment

Not all servers, or server workloads, are equal. Different applications have different performance characteristics that may benefit from a particular CPU architecture when compared to another. Some applications require larger systems with more CPU, memory, or I/O slots, while others need to have lower power and a smaller footprint in the data center. When it comes to servers, one size does not fit all. SKC brings together an expert team to determine the best system or systems for a given application or environment. We will balance your requirements for server performance, scalability, reliability, and management. Our expertise extends to high availability solutions as well as deep application level integration. We can help you determine the right systems that are sized and configured to most effectively meet your business requirements.


Applications are diverse and generate excessive amounts of unmanaged data. Unmanaged data leads to longer backup windows, uncontrolled storage growth, recovery issues, and uncontrolled costs. SKC provides the tools to classify, archive, and search data to bring it back under control. We focus on designing solutions that address the unique aspects of each application including performance, protection, and security. One size does not fit all.

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